Professional tutoring and specialist educational services during the school holidays

School Holiday Tuition

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School Holiday Booster Sessions

Our school holiday booster sessions are specifically designed to give students a powerful academic boost during their school holiday breaks. Whether it’s online or in-person at our centres, we provide expert-led tuition lessons by our amazing tutors who are highly experienced in a range of subjects. We are committed to helping your child catch up or get ahead in their studies, and our tailored approach and individual attention ensures that they reach their full potential. With our fun and engaging learning environment, we inspire a lifelong love for learning in your child.

2023 Pricing

Group sessions (1:3) $65 per student
Learn with a buddy (1:2) $75 per student
Private 1:1 sessions $105 per student

2023 Holiday Dates

Term 2 Holiday Sessions:
Monday 3rd July – Friday 14th July

Term 3 Holiday Sessions:
Monday 25th September – Friday 6th October

2024 Holiday Dates

January Back to School Brain Engager:
Monday 15th January – Friday 2nd February

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Benefits of signing up!

  1. Keeps students minds active and engaged during the school holidays
  2. Tailored approach to learning and individual attention to help students catch up or get ahead in their studies
  3. Provides a positive and engaging learning environment to build confidence and instil a love of learning
  4. Helps students get a head start on the upcoming term and be well-prepared when classes resume
  5. Personalised academic support to address specific needs or areas of weakness
  6. Opportunity for students to focus on their education without the distractions of their regular school schedule.

Our experienced tutors can cover:

  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Science

  • ICAS Preparation
  • NCEA Revision
  • Cambridge Revision

  • Study Skills
  • Entrance Exam Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book a one off session during the holidays?

Certainly! We provide convenient one-off sessions during the holidays with no minimum or maximum booking requirements.

  • How long do sessions last?

Each of our tuition sessions during the holidays runs for 60 minutes, which we have found to be the optimal duration for students to stay engaged and absorb new concepts effectively.

  • Does the price change depending on how many sessions I book?

Our pricing remains the same per hour regardless of the number of sessions you book.

  • What are the session times during the holidays?

Primary and intermediate sessions run from 9am to 3pm, while high school sessions are subject to tutor availability and offer more flexibility in scheduling.

  • Are tutors available remotely during the holidays?

Our experienced tutors offer both in-centre and online tuition during the holidays, providing flexible options for students seeking academic support.

  • Do regular tuition sessions stop during the school holidays?

Regular tuition sessions typically pause during school holidays, but you can choose to continue with your child’s programme if you prefer. Keep in mind that the timing of the sessions may be adjusted during this time.

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