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Secure Your Child’s Next Session with a Few Simple Clicks!

Book a tutoring session for your child today with our online booking system. No need to wait for a call back or email to secure your child’s spot. Got a scheduling conflict? Not a problem, you can manage this directly through our online booking system. With real-time availability at your fingertips, finding the perfect time slot is now effortless.
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Why choose Zest Education?

Carmel’s Review

“I have 2 children that attend Zest, once a week, a 9 year old girl and a 6 year old boy.”

How we tutor at Zest Education

“It’s exciting to see children progress”

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Discover How Zest Education Tutoring Sessions Set Your Child Up For Success

At Zest education we strive to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere – whether your session is at a centre or online. Prior to the start of the session, your child’s tutor will meet and greet your child, introduce themselves and ask how they can be of assistance.

Our tutors take a targeted approach to each session. They will ask questions and seek clarification to pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses and identify your child’s needs for the session.

Once your child’s needs have been clarified, the tutor will collaborate with your child to establish an agenda for the session. This prioritised list helps both your child and the tutor to identify which topics to tackle first.

Throughout the session, the tutor will check for understanding by asking questions. This step is to ensure that the student is comprehending the material and allows for immediate feedback and clarification if needed.

Our aim is for your child to leave each session feeling confident and motivated. At the conclusion of each session, the tutor will summarise and confirm everything that’s been discussed with your child. They will reinforce accomplishments made during the session. You will also receive a lesson summary personalised for your child.


This successful tutoring approach aims to develop capable, proactive learners who drive their own academic and future success.