Professional tutoring and specialist educational services for primary school students.

Primary School Tuition

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Tutoring For Primary School Students

Zest Education Centre provides tuition for Years 1 to 6. Our qualified, engaging and caring teachers will support your child in a range of subjects and skills, giving them every opportunity to succeed. Our groups are small, with no more than 3 children per session.

Because we are not confined to any one form of teaching or learning, we are able to incorporate a combination of learning methods i.e. not computer only or paper only.

Before we begin, our teachers will assess your child to identify if they have any gaps, their strengths and any goals they are working towards. The information will be used to create a learning pathway for your child with ability-appropriate work. This information will also be sent to you so you will know where your child is at in relation to curriculum levels and content knowledge and skills.

Collaboration with parents is key, so we will also work with you in a coaching capacity to help your child make the most of their tuition lessons – which includes a summary after each session, so you can keep in touch with their learning journey. We will also reassess your child at regular intervals to provide you with updates on their progress, and recommendations.

We offer specialist services if your child is experiencing difficulties with their learning, such as processing information, or if they are a reluctant reader and/or writer.
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Mathematics tutoring covers the full New Zealand Curriculum, including number knowledge, basic facts, times-tables, problem-solving strategies, measurement, statistics and geometry.

Our teachers use a variety of approaches including both written and mental methods to support your child with mathematics. Whether they require additional learning support, a boost in confidence or enjoy being challenged, we can help. Our sessions encompass the full mathematics curriculum including number and statistics, measurement and geometry.

Each maths session consists of:

  • Number knowledge building
  • Comprehending and solving word problems
  • Using the most efficient strategy to solve a problem
  • Speed tests to build confidence and comfortableness in pressured testing situations

We can also help your child prepare for

  • Mathex competitions
  • ICAS examinations
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Our literacy tutoring covers the full New Zealand Curriculum, including spelling, reading, literacy, comprehension, and writing including speeches.

Are you concerned about your child’s spelling, punctuation or grammar? Are they a fluent reader but struggle with comprehension? Do they have a wonderful imagination but find it hard to get their ideas down in print? Our teachers are here to support your child with their literacy goals whether it’s reading, spelling and or writing, Our literacy sessions are purposeful and skill based to ensure progression.

Each literacy session consists of:

  • Proof reading to improve punctuation
  • Vocabulary building to aid comprehension and written expression
  • Grammar rules
  • Comprehension tasks
  • Creative or informative writing practice

We can also help your child prepare for ICAS English examinations.
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Contact the friendly team at Zest Education Centre for more details on how we might be able to support your child through primary school.

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