Cellfield Reading Intervention

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About Cellfield Reading Intervention

Cellfield is a unique and powerful reading intervention reading programme that is specifically designed to:

  • Improve Auditory Processing Speed
  • Improve Visual Processing Speed
  • Bond Auditory and Visual functions
  • Increase working memory capacity
  • Improve eye movement control
  • Improve attention
  • Improve motivation
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What can Cellfield help?

Cellfield is the only program that specifically targets the auditory, visual and auditory-to-visual pathways to the brain. It is scientifically designed to assist both adults and children with their reading and comprehension skills. We can help people who have:

  • Dyslexia or reading difficulties
  • Poor reading, spelling and writing skills
  • Poor recall of what they have read
  • Eye tracking or movement problems
  • Poor memory
  • Problems reading black letters on white paper
  • Reading that is behind actual age
  • Language disorders

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Contact our friendly team

For more information on Cellfield please contact our friendly team at Zest Education Centre.

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