About Zest Education

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How we work

We give our students every opportunity to succeed by using a variety of educational tools and visual resources, as well as individualised, ability appropriate work which is prepared and delivered by an experienced tutor.

For our primary and intermediate students, we undertake an initial assessment with feedback and recommendations and then select a tutor for your child and establish a personalised learning plan.

For our secondary students, our tutors will start with a discussion about the expectations and requirements for the year. Entering a new year level the sheer volume of content increases exponentially. Our first point of discussion is identifying what exactly your child needs to focus on in order to maximise their marks by the end of the year.

Whether in the centre, or online, the tutoring sessions are always presented ‘in person’, in small groups of no more than 3 students (one-to-one tuition is also available). And because our teachers remain with your child over time, they are able to develop an in-depth understanding of their learning needs.

It is also important that we collaborate with you in a coaching capacity, so you can continue to support your child outside of the classroom and make the most of their tutoring sessions. We will email you a summary after each lesson, to enable you to keep in touch with your child’s learning progress.

After 10 sessions with our primary and intermediate students, we reassess your child, providing you with feedback and recommendations, and of course we are always available to talk through any questions you may have.

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Where we operate

Our physical education space is located in Remuera, Auckland. However many of our learning programmes are now very successfully delivered online, allowing us to provide our services to students both New Zealand-wide, and internationally.

Contact our Auckland Education centre here, or log in to our online portal.

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Our team of tutors

Our team of tutors are qualified educators who have been carefully selected and screened by us prior to engagement. We have many word-of-mouth referrals to specific tutors, from students themselves to their friends and their parents. Our success is measured by knowing our team inspires, delights, engages and motivates our students to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Zest Education is also committed to offering our team access to ongoing professional development, in order to make the most of advancements and new ideas in the education process.

We know that when we reward and look after our team, the benefits of this ongoing professional development will also flow through to our students.


Who we are

Paul and Emily Penhearow, and their two daughters, are the passionate owners behind Zest Education. The learning centre is focused on four key principles:

1. Delivering personalised education programmes to support and extend our students.
2. Attracting energetic and qualified educators who share our enthusiasm for learning.
3. Collaborating with parents and schools (and other key stakeholders) to ensure that the learning process for each student is supported and relevant.
4. Partnering with the very best advisors, organisations and service providers to ensure we achieve results for our students and families.

Emily – BEd (Hons), Dip TESSOL – is an experienced educator, having had many years experience teaching in the UK as well as here in New Zealand. Emily is an expert in primary teaching, and brings all of her education experience to the role she plays at Zest.

Paul grew up in a family that prioritised education, his father was a principal and his mother was a teacher. As a businessman and top sportsman, Paul knows what it takes to succeed. He brings his own education from King’s College, as well as 15 years of corporate experience through to the practices at Zest, ensuring that everything ‘behind the scenes’ at Zest runs smoothly. Paul and Emily support their own two daughters to enjoy learning, taking the opportunity to always experience new challenges that are presented to them.