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Ako Maps - Learning How To Learn

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How does Ako Maps Help Learning?

In order to learn, our brains must make connections. Ako Maps is a suite of learning tools that link visual diagrams to video lessons, providing context for the information that is being taught.

Their interactive platform helps with thinking, learning, and making connections. Some examples of how the software works are: linking video/audio files to a map to see different views of the map as the video plays; automatically generating smart flashcards; reinforcing learning with quizzes at the end of presentations and much more. Ako Maps was created right here in New Zealand – Ako is the te reo Māori word for teaching and learning.

This interactive programme is designed to assist in all aspects of tuition and is just one of the many resources we use here at Zest.


The programme will teach your child how to:

  • Learn more efficiently
  • Gain a deeper understanding of any subject
  • Boost their creativity and critical thinking skills
  • Remember what they learn

The course covers topics such as:

  • Memory – Learning the way your brain wants to learn
  • Understanding – How to understand complex topics
  • Traits – Get the mental skills of top scholars
  • Tactics – Learn the way winning students study
  • Troubleshooting – How to overcome stubborn problems in any subject
  • Procrastination – How to get studying when you really don’t feel like it
  • Genius – How to put your newfound genius to work

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