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Zest Education Tutors

Our tutors are highly experienced in their field of expertise. For our primary and intermediate students, we hire fully qualified teachers, and for secondary students, we choose tutors who are qualified in the subjects that they tutor in. Just as important is their ability to connect and relate to year 9-13 students, as well as apply their learning to real world contexts outside of the classroom.

But not only do they have the right knowledge, they also understand how to nurture confidence in their students – adapting their style to suit the individual needs and personality of your child.

Many of our tutors have been with us for a long time, because they are passionate about helping children and teenagers thrive in their schooling environment.

We are honoured every time a student, parent or school recommends our services to someone new, and we know that is only possible due to the incredible work our tutors do on a daily basis.

The mission of Zest Education is to personalise our tutoring services, assist with positive progress and inspire confidence – which ultimately leads to amazing results.