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Science Theory Tuition for All Ages

Zest Education Centre tutors science for all ages, plus all levels of Chemistry, Biology and Physics at NCEA, CIE (Cambridge) and IB (International Baccalaureate) at secondary level. At primary and intermediate, this includes reading and writing in science, the concept of fair testing, interpreting results from a table, diagram or chart and scientific methods and concepts.


We can help tutoring in areas that some students struggle with at secondary level, including rates of reaction, conjugating acids and bases, and organic chemistry. The best way to help with the large number of reactions students need to memorise is by using flow charts to depict each reaction and the relationship between them.


Vectors (velocity, acceleration, and displacement) in particular can present a challenge to students. We help students to separate the vertical and horizontal vector components presented to them. We can also help with the methodology of answering physics questions, and those covering mechanics (especially suvat equations).


We cover tuition in required areas of the curriculum, including mitosis and meiosis, mutations, alleles, chromatids, genetic drift (founders effect, bottleneck effect) and reproductive isolating mechanisms (pre-zygotic and post-zygotic).

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