Why Choose Zest

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Why choose Zest Education Centre?

Zest Education has an accomplished history of providing tuition and learning support to children of all ages. Highly sought after, we have earned a reputation for applying learning and academia in a specialised way, in order to get the best results possible for our students.

We are not confined to any one form of teaching and use a mix of learning methods – not computer only or paper only. We pride ourselves on designing a learning environment that maximises the enjoyment of our student’s experience and enhances overall confidence in their abilities.

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Our tutors and teachers are highly regarded as professionals who strive to ensure every lesson delivers key learnings and takeaways for their students.

We’re so confident in our service offering, that if you feel that a tutoring session hasn’t achieved what you feel it should for your child, we will happily provide another session free of charge (terms and conditions apply and the session must be of equal value).

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Online Tuition Vs. In-Centre Tuition

In a world where technology plays a significant role in our daily lives, we truly value the opportunities online tuition provides us to work with our students – no matter where they live. It’s important to note that our online tuition is very different to ‘distance learning’ which was provided by schools during lockdowns (and involved a lot of self-teaching through the use of materials).

In fact, there are many advantages afforded to you and your child by online tuition, including:

More productive use of time

Travelling to and from our centre can require a lot of planning and organising for the whole family. When your child meets with their tutor online, this can be done at a more convenient time that fits with your schedule and enables you to increase frequency if required.

There is also less chance of having to struggle with fitting it in around sport and other extracurricular activities, or having to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Personalised Tutoring

Our tutors are always ‘face-to-face’ with students online, working closely with them to facilitate learning discussions and guiding them at every step. Our tutoring sessions are always a very collaborative experience between the student and their teacher.

Interactive Resources

There’s no question that technology has opened up a world of opportunities when it comes to interactive learning, and through careful selection by our experienced tutors, we use these when and where necessary, to enhance your child’s learning experience.

It also assists with efficient recording of your child’s sessions, allowing for greater recollection and further independent study outside of tutoring lessons. Any resources are used with the close guidance of their teacher.

Learning In A Dedicated Space

Having a designated ‘study space’ at home is extremely beneficial for students, enabling them to not only feel comfortable in their surroundings, but also providing them with an environment that has been set up specifically for learning. This can help enhance their experience when engaging in independent study, as they can continue on once their session ends.

Zest Online’s ‘One-Click to Connect’ feature means that there is nothing to download, install or update. No software sign-up is required. Your child just clicks one link to join their lesson.