Professional tutoring and specialist educational services for intermediate school children

Intermediate School Tuition

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Intermediate School Level Tutoring

At Intermediate level, students can often find the transition to Years 7 and 8 daunting, due to the increase in expectations of homework and independent projects.

Our tutors here at Zest can take the stress away from your child (and you) by supporting them across a range of subjects and skills, providing a positive tutoring experience and enjoyable learning environment.

Through high quality resources that are tailored to your child’s needs – and align with the New Zealand Curriculum – we can work collaboratively with you to achieve the best outcomes for your child. We also offer specialist services if your child is experiencing learning difficulties.

Our experienced tutors can cover:

  • Mathematics
  • Literacy

  • Science theory
  • Homework Support

  • Project Skills
  • Entrance Exam Preparation

ICAS examinations – preparation and exam techniques

ICAS Assessments are world leaders at driving student success, through school assessments and academic competitions.

Here at Zest, our specialist tutors are able to assist students to prepare for ICAS Assessments, to help foster their confidence and build on their ability to achieve in these external educational assessments and competitions.

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Contact the friendly team at Zest Education Centre for more details on how we might be able to support your child through intermediate school.

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