Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

"My teenage daughter found out about Zest Education Centre from a classmate who recommended it.  Although she is not below average academically, she struggled to know how  and what to study, would not achieve consistently good marks, and became de-motivated.  She therefore did the bare minimum.  Since starting sessions at Zest Education Centre, her enthusiasm and motivation to do well at school has increased significantly.  The tutors armed her with key skills on reading and answering test questions, the fundamentals about writing good essays and generally how to prepare for NCEA.  Despite her busy schedule and social life, she requested more tutoring over term break and 8:30 early Saturday mornings, which before was unheard of.  This is a real tribute to the style and quality of the tutors, they know how to make learning enjoyable.  Her self confidence is now much higher and she feels top marks are within her reach.  Paul and Emily will will do all they can to try and meet your specific needs, and are so helpful and encouraging.  I am so glad to have found Zest Education Centre and would recommend it to parents and teachers for students of any age, but particularly those teenagers!


"My son did very well at the end of last year.

A couple of years ago we enrolled him with Zest Education Centre after he was 36th out of 36 students in his class for English.  What a turn-around!  At the end of last year, he got an English prize at Grammar – the only English prize in the top seven Form 7 classes.

He also did very well in mathematics, with your support.  He received an A in A-level mathematics and got Scholarship in statistics.

Of note, he also got an A* in A-level physics and Scholarship physics.

Thank you for all your help over the last few years.”


We received our son’s exam results yesterday, which were great reflecting the extra effort he had put in this year and the tutoring support (last term).

His marks overall increased on average 20% (from last year) for the three subjects he was tutored in:

  1. Maths 85% (31% improvement)
  2. English 63% (19% improvement)
  3. Science 81% (11% improvement)

So you can see a big improvement for him, he loves science so has always put more effort in than other subjects and he didn¹t rate himself in Maths but I am sure he does now. He knows he beat a number of boys in a Maths groups higher than him at school so his confidence will be right up there.

Please pass on our thanks to the tutors involved and we are looking forward to the boys working with you next year.