Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Zest Education Centre offers your child professional tuition that is personal. We cater to each individual’s learning style and needs on the day.

Students refer their own friends to Zest Education because they like the flexibility, personalisation, tutors and the results.

At Zest Education we don’t just tutor, we teach – building strong foundations for academic success. That academic success leads to a sense of greater personal confidence and self-esteem.



'We’ve used Zest Education for group and individual tuition and have found both options have worked well. The tutors provided are all experienced and well qualified to teach, and are patient and focused on individual needs. We have used different tutors over the years and have found the ability to actually teach, not just subject matter experts, is essential to a student’s success. This, we found at Zest.  Also, Paul and Emily listen and are responsive to a student’s specific learning requirements and offer what is really needed, rather than ‘one-size-fits-all programme. We would not hesitate to recommend them.’ 


“Since primary school, my daughter has struggled with Maths. As time progressed her fear of Maths increased. Intermediate school highlighted her struggles with the subject, but didn't offer us any solutions.

It wasn't until a family member suggested Zest Education Centre that we began to see change. Seeing her change from a kid with no confidence in numeracy to a kid skipping to her Math’s classes has validated the necessity to invest in the time, money and energy of tutoring.

Paul and Emily's warmth and understanding of the individual student cemented our decision to continue. It is not enough to assume that only the school can cater for your child's academic and emotional needs.

As parents we need to be proactive and be involved in our child's learning.  We need to take ownership of the total educational needs of our children, and sometimes it is about sacrifice, both financial and emotional. 

Praise is not for me as the parent recognising my daughter needs for help, but praise is for a young adult with the tenacity to want a better future for herself.

Praise also for the people like Paul and Emily - who have enabled my daughter to see past her 'failings' or fears and see them as opportunities to be better.

We will definitely make sure Zest Education Centre is involved with my daughter throughout her schooling life!”


When sourcing support for our son’s academic education, I was conscious that the relationships between tutor and student are very important. Having entrusted the centre many years ago, it has been noted with pleasure that the services provided by Paul and Emily have continued with the same care and individualised educational program as the day we started.

The sessions he attends not only supports his academic development but is provided in a friendly, caring, and enjoyable environment.