Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

Professional tutoring and specialist educational services

We provide tutorial help for catch up, consolidation and extension from Years 0-13. We also provide specific NCEA and Cambridge exam classes, where we can focus on subject specific requirements for individual students. Zest Education Centre is here primarily to help your child and you. Depending on the situation, our support may be temporary or ongoing

Specific needs may include:

  • Extension for gifted students
  • Exam technique, preparation and successful study techniques
  • Reluctant writers
  • Support for increased school expectations and demands in Intermediate school (Years 7 and 8)
  • Help with homework

Specialist needs may include:

  • Dyslexia


Irlen Syndrome (Auckland Diagnostic Clinic)

People with Irlen syndrome have sensitivity to certain light frequencies resulting in pattern confusion and pattern glare. Glasses with special filters can be fitted for those suffering from Irlen to improve clarity and comfort. An accurate diagnosis is essential. Symptoms may include low reading concentration, sore eyes and headaches, skipping of words/lines in reading and depth perception problems. For more details visit www.irlen.com or contact us now to book a screening or diagnostic session with Emily if you suspect your child is experiencing any of the above symptoms. 

* Please note: An initial diagnostic assessment will cost $169.00 or a reassessment $99.00 (including GST) + any additional resources or optometrist costs that maybe required. 

Cellfield (Remuera)

Cellfield is a unique and powerful reading intervention reading programme that is specifically designed to;

  • Improve Auditory Processing Speed
  • Improve Visual Processing Speed
  • Bond Auditory and Visual functions
  • Increase working memory capacity
    • Improve eye movement control
    • Improve attention
    • Improve motivation
    • Improve working memory

Cellfield is the only program that specifically targets the auditory, visual and auditory-to-visual pathways to the brain. It is a scientifically designed to assist both adults and children with their reading and comprehension skills. For more details please visit www.cellfield.co.nz

Make an Enquiry or Contact Zest Education Centre for more information.


Ako Maps™ (Auckland)

Zest Education is proud to have partnered with Cognitive Performance Labs™ to provide you and your child with access to a suite of revolutionary new courses and a software platform called Ako Maps™. Ako Maps™ will transform your child's learning and show them how to;

  1. Learn faster, deeper and more efficiently;
  2. Boost creativity and critical thinking
  3. Study using spatial and visual cues

Ako Maps™ software and courses have been developed based from the concepts of Cognitive Neuroscience research and have been enthusiastically embraced by two of Auckland’s top schools.

Sign up to Ako Maps™ and get free access to the Learn Like a Genius™ course which covers topics such as:

  • Memory – Learning the way your brain wants to learn
  • Understanding – How to understand complex topics
  • Traits – Get the mental skills of top scholars
  • Tactics – Learn the way winning students study
  • Troubleshooting – How to overcome stubborn problems in any subject, and
  • Procrastination – How to get studying when you really don’t feel like it

Here is a link to a 2-minute video from Ako Maps™ Founder Dr.Kerry Spackman who explains what the course is all about:


For more details please visit www.akomaps.com

Make an Enquiry or Contact Zest Education Centre for more information.